Welcome to Hungry, Hungry, HAPPY!  I’m excited to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know what you can expect from Hungry, Hungry, HAPPY in the future.

My name is Dana and I am 34 years old living in Southern Ontario, Canada. I have spent the last 8 years working in the optical field which I find very rewarding as I have a hand in helping people see better, which means helping them see more of the beauty around them!

I have a big family and a small circle of really good friends who have helped shape me into the passionate, loving, witty woman I am today.  I also have the most amazing girlfriend who has two of the most amazing kids! I have no reason not to be happy…or hungry! Oh, I can’t forget to tell you about my cat, Bella. She is 15 years old and the biggest suck I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t love her more if I tried!

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and GERD around 2002 which very much limits what I can eat.  I’m also lactose and gluten intolerant and currently on a low residue diet as per my doctor. All restrictions aside, I still find ways to eat delicious, beautiful food.  Beauty is everywhere from the colour of a perfectly ripe avacado to the bright orange yolks in the center of the eggs I cook myself for breakfast every morning.

I started this blog because I realized after years of taking pictures of food and posting them to facebook and Instagram, that I have a passion for taking pictures of food and posting them online and what better way than to post them all to my very own food blog!

I have always been passionate about food. Making it, watching it be made, eating it and canning it. I love to capture the beauty that comes along with it all. The colours, the smells and the tastes somehow seem to resonate within me and I decided I needed a place to share it all…so here we are!

I got my passion for food, cooking and canning from my mother. Growing up I would always watch my mom cook.  She always made it look so easy and most of the time it tasted really good! (I STILL don’t like liver or seafood!) No matter what time of year it was she would always be canning something, jam, jellies, pickles, salsa, you name it, she canned it! Whenever we had company over they always sat around the kitchen table. Even to this day, when I go visit her, we sit at the kitchen table, she makes us a cup of tea and always asks me if I’ve eaten yet.

This blog is where I will share my love for all things food, all things beauty and everything in between, so feel free to subscribe and get email notifications whenever I put up a new blog post!

Thanks for reading!

Stay hungry, stay HAPPY!