Hello There, It’s Been a While…

Hello again my Hungry, Hungry, Happy family!  It’s been a few weeks since my last post and to be honest with you, I haven’t felt much like cooking, eating or writing, at all!  My gallbladder has been getting the best of me lately; I have gallstones and have been having many attacks.  Next week I will be going for surgery to have it removed, then hopefully we can get back on track here.  I didn’t want to make you wait any longer for another post so I thought I’d share with you a little something in the meantime.

My step father has always been the outdoorsy type and one of the perks of this for my family is having fresh wild berries that he picks during his outdoorsy hikes in the back woods of who-knows-where.  My mom usually makes jams and jellies, pies and sauces with the berries he brings home but she must’ve had an abundance of extra last year and put some in the freezer.  I was the lucky recipient of a bag of these frozen berries a couple of months ago and the first thing I thought of was jelly!

My mom makes the best jams and jellies around!  Myself, on the other hand, have never made jam or jelly.  Actually…that’s a lie.  Last year I got a basket full of nectarines from a co-worker and tried my hand at making jam.  Long story short, I cooked that jam so long that after it was canned and cooled I opened a jar to try it and it was so stiff I literally couldn’t get it out of the jar.  The taste was spot on but it was not spreadable AT ALL!  This time, I learned my lesson and asked my mom for help.

Nectarine Jam….fail!

She directed me to the recipe from the insert that comes in the package of Certo Pectin for Raspberry Jelly.  The juice I got from the thawed berries was only half the amount I needed for the recipe so I bought a bottle of pure organic blueberry juice (very important to buy pure berry juice if using it for jelly because you don’t want the added sugar found in regular juice) which was the perfect flavour pair and super easy to substitute.

Hanging the thawed berries overnight to squeeze out all the juice and leave behind the seeds. It is customary to hang the jelly bag by the cupboard handle, just like my mom used to do.

When all was said and done the jelly came out quite good!  The flavour was the perfect blend of raspberry and blueberry and the consistency was perfect!  Now, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the true colour of the finished product…

What a beautiful colour!

I got a pretty good yield from one batch and chose to use a few different sized jars so I’d have a variety to choose from since some would probably end up as gifts.

1-500ml jar, 3-250ml jars and 5-125ml jars

I just love the difference in colour when held up to the light or just sitting on the counter. I also love how it looks spread on a piece of toast…gluten free of course.

Peanut butter and homemade Wild Raspberry/Blueberry Jelly!

I’d like to take a poll.  Leave in the comments if you prefer jam or jelly.  As for myself, I love the chunks of fruit found in jam but the low residue diet my doctor has me on doesn’t allow it.  So, jelly it is!  I hope to hear from you soon!

As always,

Stay hungry, stay HAPPY!

One thought on “Hello There, It’s Been a While…

  1. Success 😁 Maybe this mama will have to give that a try .. can all fruit be made into jelly, like peaches ? It’s my fav 🙂 anyway thanks for sharing and I look forward to future posts .. get well really really fast, want to see what’s next lol ❤️


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