National Grilled Cheese Day!

I just realised that today is National Grilled Cheese Day and coincidentally, earlier today I happened to make myself a grilled cheese!  Not just any ordinary grilled cheese though, I made a gluten free, lactose free EPIC grilled cheese!  I’m sure many of you are laughing and telling yourselves that there is no such thing as a gluten and lactose free grilled cheese that would taste anywhere near epic, but you would be wrong.  It’s all about flavour layering!  

Lets start with the bread. I used gluten free bread, which tends to be more stiff and dry than normal glutenous bread, but thats ok because we are going to add plenty of other textures to offset that. 
Next comes the cheese.  I used lactose free swiss cheese.  I know, I know, lactose free cheese sounds pretty horrible but I assure you it doesn’t have to be.  As a great lover of cheese, I know that it all depends on the brand.  I have had lactose free cheese that was dry, plastic-like and tasteless.  I have since found a line of President’s Choice Lactose Free cheese that is really similar to regular cheese in colour, texture and taste!

Lets move on to flavour layers!  This is where it gets fun!  I enjoy a good ol’ plain grilled cheese, but I love mixing it up and adding any combination of things to it like salsa, ham, onion, tomato, avacado and I really love having some sort of dip on the side.  I’ve even tried putting strawberry jam on top of a grilled cheese made with a nice sharp cheddar and believe it or not, it was delicious!  This time, however, I looked in the fridge and grabbed a couple things that I thought might be good together, but wasn’t exactly sure.  Last week I made a couple jars of pickled red onions.  They are crisp and tangy and look beautiful all on their own so I paired that with some spicy red pepper jelly that I made last year.  

Grill that bad boy up with a little bit of butter in a frying pan and add a side, maybe tomato or your favourite cream of something soup and you’ve got yourself a quick, delicious meal! 

What I loved about this combination so much is the bread is sturdy and has a nice crunch to it once it’s all grilled up, the cheese is gooey and adds subtle flavour and a really nice soft texture.  The pickled onions are crispy and tangy which seems to balance nicely with the bit of spice from the pepper jelly.  I added a side of avacado which I topped with a little sea salt and that just seemed to finish it off nicely.

Grilled cheeses are one of my favourite things to make because I can have so much fun playing around and finding different, interesting, creative flavours and textures to add in.  I hope you all take a minute to consider what you are going to put in your next grilled cheese!

Stay hungry, stay HAPPY! 

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